8th Annual Salt Sixes

Founded and organised by Salt Property Group, the event is a one-day, round-robin style tournament, with teams comprised of a mix of amateur players and corporate members. Each team fields six-a-side and is guaranteed at least four matches throughout the day. It includes a sit-down luncheon, beverages, and fosters networking in a relaxed, festive atmosphere.

Preparations for the eighth annual Salt Sixes Tournament are now underway, so if you're interested in sponsoring, playing, or participating in any way, please download our Team Nomination Form and forward the completed form to sixes@saltproperty.com.au.

The next installment is confirmed for Friday 22nd November 2019, making it the perfect Christmas function for your workplace, or a great substitution for the traditional 'golf day' with your valued clients.


Teams need not be skilled players, however they are encouraged to wear cricket whites, and a team/company shirt if possible. Registrations for this season are now open!



6 Players per team

6 Balls per over

5 overs per inning

Each fielder (except the wicket-keeper) must bowl 1 over



A Wide scores 4 runs, with no extra ball to be bowled

A No-ball scores 4 runs, with no extra ball to be bowled

If the last ball of the inning is a Wide or No-ball, it scores 4 runs, plus that delivery must be re-bowled

Batsmen will retire upon reaching or exceeding an individual score of 30 runs

The following incoming batsman will stand at square leg



Salt Property Group founded the Salt Sixes Corporate Cricket Tournament in 2011, with a goal to provide a unique corporate event that connects industry with the local community.


Salt Sixes is just one of many community engagements Salt Property Group is proud to be involved with. Some others include:

PO Box 125 Applecross WA 6953 E-mail: sixes@saltproperty.com.au Tel: 08 9316 3911

© 2019.  Another Salt Property Group Project.

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